Founded in Montreal, the Mont Tacos brand imports an innovative concept of fast food restaurants based on an authentic product, the French-style taco. Our originality? An original cheese sauce, thousands of possible compositions according to everyone’s taste for the pleasure of EVERYONE. MONT TACOS, tacos in a different way.

Maximize the customer experience through a personalized taco, based on a French recipe, revisited and signed with Canadian flavours. Through these original flavours, offered in a modern and warm setting, MONT TACOS wants to stand out and be adopted on the Canadian market.


Idea from the French Alps / Discovery of the cheese sauce.


Product that has become a standard in the French fast food industry. Customization strategy of the Presidium in Canadian version .


Willingness to import the concept into Canada. Creation of the group. Market study.


Administrative procedures with Canadian authorities. Supplier referencing.


Finalization of the concept. Brand branding. Franchise launch.


First opening October 2019 Côte-des-neiges. Target of 8 restaurants in 2020